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Muff Diving Made Easy!

You can Master the Art of Performing Oral Sex and Easily Become the Man She Brags
About to All Her Friends!

This is the only information written for men about performing oral sex on women - by a woman! And not just a woman, but a woman who knows exactly what makes other women happy.

For many men, the art of cunnilingus is as foreign as the art of self-fellatio. While it sounds great in theory, it doesn't work very well in practice. This is because a woman's body is one of the most complicated designs known to man. Hell, I'm a woman and I still need to refresh my memory on what I'm working with every now and then.

In case you didn't catch on, that would make me a lesbian. Let's all be adults about this and accept the facts.

  1. I have a pussy.

  2. I play with other pussies.

Face it, boys, what does a man know - I mean really know - about what pleases a woman? So, I may be a woman, but I still have one up on you. Not only do I know what feels good on my side - the woman's side - but I also know how to make other ladies scream with delight, too.

How to make her beg, and beg, and beg for you like
no other woman has ever begged for you before.

However, just because I'm a lesbian does not mean that I don't feel sympathy for the other team. I know how tough it can be to learn the art of cunnilingus, and I'm more than familiar with the canvas. In an ideal world, all of the hot chicks would leave guys like you and flock over to my side. In reality, that's never going to happen. So, I might as well teach you whatever it is that you're missing so the straight women can at least have a chance at happiness.

What can I say? I'm the ultimate feminist.

And an egotist, too. This means I'm good at what I do - really good! And I know it.

Learn about one sure-fire way to bring her to a
> mind-blowing orgasm that she will never forget,
> and has never experienced before.

Now let's get something straight from the beginning. I may sexually prefer women - but that doesn't mean that I hate men. I love men - I mean I really, really love men. And I respect them, too. I'm not anti-man in any way, shape, or form. Not at all! And I have something in common with most men. I love women, too - and I love bringing women to the extremes of sexual pleasure.

Through the course of my training in the Cunnilingus Academy, you're going to learn a lot of things. I'm going to take you from the basics to the advanced...and then even farther! We'll start off with a short tutorial on how to learn the playing field. Then we'll move on to some advanced tips, techniques, and positions that will knock her socks off. By the end, you'll be pulling oral sex tools out of your refrigerator, underwear drawer, and wine rack.

And then you can pat yourself on your back as you watch her toes curl!

But I'll be honest with you, too. I will not hesitate to tell it to you like it really is - which is not like you have been trained to believe by men's advice books (written by men), porno movies (made for being visual but not factual), and women who are just too respectful to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth about your performance.

How your tongue can either be a skilled instrument -
or a deadly terror - to a woman's pussy.

When you go through these lessons, you're going to like lesbians even more than you did before you started. You're going to be a master of the oral arts. You are going to be the King of eating pussy - her King - as long as you're willing to practice, practice, practice. After all, practice makes perfect.

So, keep your minds open and keep your notepads handy. Your brain is in for a long night, but your penis (and your ego) will certainly be very grateful later.

Happy reading, boys!

For less than the cost of a dozen roses you can become a degreed graduate in the Art of Cunnilingus,
and become the most sought after lover ever!

These lessons are delivered to you instantly! This means that you can be reading them in as little as three minutes from now!

The Cunnilingus Academy lessons come in the form of a downloadable ebook, available for you to read instantly and immediately - so that you can begin working on curling her toes in as little as a few minutes from now!

"For nearly 2 hours, I listened to "Oh My God" and got squirted on. During breaks, she would ask where I learned this stuff. Finally, I told her I've read sex how to books before written by - guess who? She said - men? Yup. What was I thinking? So I learned this from a book written by lesbian. Talk about making sense.

Thank you so much for writing this book and I'm sure she thanks you also." Joe


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Isn't her happiness and devotion - to you - worth it?


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